Free Health care camps in collaboration with Mahaveer International are organized in various regions of Rajasthan for children and the elderly to ensure that they are in sound health conditions. In case of severe diagnosis, our company also provisions for further health investigations, treatments and operations.

Eye care camps

There are 15 million visually impaired patients in India, which equates to a staggering one-third of the sight-impaired population in the entire world! Each year, around 3 million people in India alone develop a cataract in their eyes and 2 million among them are children. Looking at the extent of this ocular epidemic we have sponsored cataract camps, funded eye care projects and state of art ‘vision vehicles’ that deliver quality eye care at doorsteps in far-flung areas of rural India.

Blood donation camps

According to WHO, India was short of 1.9 million units in March 2018. There is a shortage of blood in India. We regularly organize blood donation camps across Rajasthan. Our endeavor is to also educate and inform people about the benefit of blood donation.

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