Women Empowerment

Women of our organization

As a fair organization, we develop the skills of all our employees and labor without any discrimination. Being an efficient employee for us means facilitating women to work for our organization. Our facilities include taking precautions for women health and safety, proving them with housing, food, transportation and health services in their time of need. Women with children are given special amenities within the building and external child care facilities.

To further promote the welfare of our female employees the organization supports their children’s education, by conferring them with scholarship programs. Recently we have introduced a coaching program in association with Bank of Baroda under Baroda Swarojgar Vikas Sansthan for women who want to develop their skills and take up further employment with us. This module runs for 12 weeks, in which we train these women in industrial stitching, our processes of quality control, and time management. So that we can claim about brilliant and highly skilled women working with us from the fundamental level to prominent management and leadership positions.

Women in society

Financial independence and education are strong tools to survive in today’s society. The firm aspires to lift women of native and poor communities from the grass-root levels. We work with a distinguished woman empowerment NGO in Rajasthan that helps in skills development, education and providing short-term loans for start-ups. Through our efforts, many women from these communities have gained employment or education.

Educating a woman empowers her to take part in society’s decision-making process; helps her earn a sustainable livelihood and escape poverty. Therefore, we invest more resources in educating and providing training to females.

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