We are a customer-focused organization that is precise. Our relationships with clients are very important to us, and to keep them happy, we strive for the best. Amroziya develops its manufacturing processes through forecasting uncertainties in every project. And our quality management control costs enhance our use of resources, leads to efficient time execution and constant improvement of our processes. At Amroziya, we adhere to the following management systems:

Supplier Management system

Our supplier selection is rigorous, and we base our partnerships on quality, price, and delivery. Most of our associates are certified and take part in sustainable and ethical practices. We test these collaborations based on performance, services, and standards.


Production Management system

Amroziya uses a “Six Sigma DMAIC” system (which stands for define-measure-analyze-improve-control) in place. This system not only contributes to service enhancement but innovation and cost reduction. The state of art machinery and technology we have in position facilitates our employees and laborers. Amroziya has a large warehousing and production facility, with a sound quality management system and workforce.

Quality Control Management System

Amroziya takes proper care to establish accepted quality levels (AQL) are maintained. We check fabrics, clothing, accessories, labels and packaging material before they leave the factories and on arrival at our warehouse. Our company pays special attention to meet international quality standards by using clothing accessories that are also amine free. We have certified and technologically advanced suppliers (ISO, OEKO-TEX etc.). We make sure that our garment does not move into the next stage of production without passing our quality tests.

Employee Development Policy

For continuous professional improvement we coach our team in better management of time, resources, quality control procedures, and company policies, etc. We send our employees on external training in quality control, processes, procurement, human resources, marketing, etc. Our employment development policies help us discover and reward productive and committed employees with benefits and job promotions. Amroziya Garments Private Limited is an equal opportunity employer with no preconception or prejudice based on gender, ethnicity, religion, caste, etc. At Amroziya we resolutely believe in the quote “continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.”

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